Located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Atwater Village, Mysterious Mammal Recording is focused on making a big sound in an intimate setting. I specialize in Indie-minded music like rock, roots, metal, blues, classic soul, indie folk, and more. I just like good music!

The most important equipment at Mammal is the ability to feel at home making your music.You'll record in a comfortable, down-to-earth atmosphere without sacrificing quality. Take your time tracking through high-end analog gear and have the flexibility of ProTools without having to worry about paying the assistant who runs the espresso maker.
-Matt Lynch, Studio Owner

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playSnail "Galaxies' Lament"
playR. Scott "Give It All (to You)"
playLove Mason "Perihelion"
playDorian Wood "Pearline"
playHeavy Water Experiments "Philosopher Queen"
playThe New Fidelity "California Summer"

Mysterious Mammal Recording shares its studio space and gear with Pro Audio LA, a custom cable and audio consulting company. If you have any cable or gear needs, visit their site and tell them you found out about it here!

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