About Mysterious Mammal

Mysterious Mammal Recording is focused on making a big sound in an intimate setting. I specialize in organic music like rock, roots, metal, psych, blues, classic soul, indie folk, and more. I like to work in a vintage style, but with the best of modern and vintage equipment. The sounds speak for themselves. I take pride in making artists comfortable and working fast in order to produce the best, most inspired music possible.

I mix, master, and track out of All Welcome Records in Inglewood, CA, and also have a working relationship with many tracking studios in Los Angeles, so I can record in the best space to fit your project, then complete it in my mixing and mastering studio which was built with the highest monitoring and mastering standards in mind.



Polish, sweeten and make it sound like a record!


Make your record bigger than the sum of its parts.

Producing and Recording

Expert decision-making and engineering for your project.