The final stage in the recording process, this is where we make sure that your record plays at a competitive level, that the songs flow properly in sequence and that they are consistent in volume and overall EQ range. Any problem areas in the mixes will be evaluated and corrected if possible. The tuned room and full range monitoring at Mysterious Mammal take the guesswork out of polishing your mixes that can happen in home studio situations. Also, an objective ear is always a good idea to insure the final product is as good as it can be and sounds as it was intended.

($75 per song, $65 a song for more than 8 songs, $75 minimum)


A mix should be bigger than the sum of its parts. Whether you start your project at Mammal or not, we can take your project to the next level at this stage. With 20 years of experience mixing, I can take your mix beyond what you thought it could be, without a lot of back and forth. Mix through analog gear with the automation of ProTools and high-end outboard. Once the performances are captured, the mix is what makes the "sound" of the record.

($60 per hour, 2 hour minimum or negotiated flat rate per song - Mix and Master combo packages available from $250 a song)


At Mysterious Mammal, I lean toward vintage gear and approach, but with the convenience of recording to Pro Tools. The attitude here is definitely a classic vibe in that we're into the excitement of a band performing together. We like rough edges, and we're not going to produce the life out of your record.

Track live as a band or layer overdubs and vocals. Whatever you need, we'll make it happen. We'll do a project from the first count in to the last mix, or provide recording for whatever stage you need, whether that is drums, overdubbing or vocals. Record how you feel most comfortable and be confident that you'll be getting the best possible sounds on your project.

(Rate dependent on project needs, please inquire)